Listen to ‘Triadex Muse’ from France Jobin’s forthcoming EP #moresynthporn on Room40


France Jobin is a sound / installation / artist, composer and curator residing in Montreal, Canada. She refers to her work as sound sculpture, and operates at the intersection of analogue and digital. She has released her material on the likes of Baskaru, Room40, Line, Murmur records, popmuzik records and numerous other labels.

Her latest release is a recording of experiments with some of the incredible synths at MESS in Melbourne, the Triadex Muse-1 sequencer + LS-1 Light Show + AS-1 Speaker) and the ARP 2600P – for all the synth nerds in the house. If you don’t know the incredible synthesizer wonderland that is MESS, (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) you can check out Robin Fox improvising on one of the rarest synths in their collection, the Transaudio Pro-case 6 here.

This is what she has to say about it:

“Upon arriving at MESS, I simply became overwhelmed by the amount and diversity of the collection of synths and electronic instruments. There it was, the entire history of synth, drum machines and modulars in front of me, delight! Which one will I start with? It’s complicated.

I opted to work the synths that I am unfamiliar with, therefore adding a nice learning curve to the experience but also, an opportunity to observe and learn how the technicalities and programming evolved over the years…I strived to remain true to each synth, I did not have a compositional intent, but rather preferred to let each synth’s personality shine through and hope I manage to earn their respect in the process.”

The appropriately titled #moresynthporn is out on the 7th of August on Room40. You can find it here.


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