Listen to a remix of Dragonball Durag (feat. Smino & Guapdad 4000) by Thundercat


So LA bass extraordinaire Thundercat is back with a remix of ‘Dragonball Durag’, one of the more ridiculously lame tracks of his truly incredible album, It Is What It Is (Brainfeeder) from earlier in the year. It’s an album that makes lockdown a helluva lot easier. We can tell you that from experience.

If you don’t know Thundercat you can read our review of his 2011 album The Golden Age of The Apocalypse here.

The remix features Smino and Guapdad 4000 who haven’t really messed too much with the structure of the song, rather they’ve added a little bit of the hip and the hop.

This is what they have to say about the two of them. We’ve quoted verbatim because we’re still struggling to understand:

“Rapper and singer Smino hails from St Louis and co-founded the collective Zero Fatigue with Bari, Monte Booker, Jay2, and Ravyn Lenae. He is also one third of the group Ghetto Sage, with Saba and Noname. Guapdad 4000 (aka Shia LaBustDown, aka the Ferragamo Falcon, aka the Valentino Viper, aka the Gucci Goat, aka the Armani Army Admiral, aka Prada Pootie Tang) is an LA-based rapper, singer, creative, and self-confessed anime addict, a kindred spirit to Thundercat. Both artists are in the hip-hop supergroup Zoink Gang alongside JID and Buddy.”

You can find It Is What It Is here.


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