Download Lawrence English’s The Young Person’s Guide To Hustling (In Music And The Arts)


A while back Lawrence English, Room40 honcho and sonic explorer has cause to reflect on his experience of making music, earning a living and pursuing his muse. He wrote ‘The Young Person’s Guide To Hustling (In Music And The Arts).’ Now he’s keen to share it as widely as possible. While you’re reading you might like to check out our review of his recent pipe organ album Lassitude, you can find that here.

This is what he has to say about it:
“It’s in many ways a guide to sustainability, self care and deepening of practice that is relevant to any artists or musicians. Following many discussions in recent months I thought, given the strange familiar of right now, it would make sense to make it available more widely. It’s available free (or via donation) and I would be thrilled if you’d be open to spreading the word on it. It’s a resource for sharing.”

You can find it here.


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