Watch a video for ‘Speaking in Tongues’ off Miles Brown’s new album


Melbourne based composer and theremin virtuoso has a new solo album out. It’s called ‘The Gateway’ and has just been released on Death Waltz / Mondo in the USA. It’s his sci fi theremin party record, released in 2020 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the theremin.

This is what his label has to say about it:

“For this newest collection of original works, Brown transports the instrument to the heart of the dance floor, reimagining its mysterious interface as an electro-magical conduit for the opening of forbidden portals and the summoning of subversive spirits.”

It’s also great to dance to.

You might know Brown via his band The Night Terrors or as part of The Narcoleptor. You can read a 2015 interview with him here, as well as a review of his previous album 2015’s Seance Fiction. We like him so much we also asked him to do a Cyclic Selects for us. you can find that here.

You can find The Gateway here.


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