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Australian electronic artist Todd Anderson-Kunert’s forthcoming album Past Walls and Windows (Room40) is a deep warm work of subtle drones and restrained beauty, with gorgeous low frequencies and a minimal aesthetic. We asked him recently to do a Cyclic Selects, which you can read here, but Todd kindly offered to go one step further with this pretty incredible mixtape featuring the likes of King Midas Sound and Fog.

Artist Statement:

I take great pleasure in the sharing of sounds, and so it has been quite enjoyable but challenging to put together this mix for you. This problem harks back to my earliest engagements with putting physical mix tapes together for friends, and having to deal with the practical limitations of the medium, and my over enthusiasm for sound. But creative limitations yield fruitful results, and I’ve limited myself to the time requested for this mix.

All of the pieces in this mix are influences, but in each there is a conversation. Some of these artists are peers, some are virtual pen-friends, and others have no idea who I am. What they all share from my perspective is an attention to emotion and time, and thus draw parallels, or start conversations, with my own practice.

Sadly, in two instances I’ve had to create excerpts from longer pieces that I couldn’t feature in their entirety, but this is also keeping true to the ideaology of a ‘mix’. In my opinion, all of these tracks are excerpts, they are removed from the context and larger listening experience of the album in which they belong. In providing you with a track list, hopefully those sonic moments of vibrational fulfilment will inspire you to seek out the listening experience in which they originate. That is how I heard all these pieces originally.

Temporality plays a large part in my practice too, and in that it needs acknowledging that some these pieces I heard prior to recording my new album, some during recording, and some after. These pieces are not only a reflection of what has happened, but what is happening, and what is yet to happen. They are still influences, and in some ways the ordering of the mix reflects that too.

I hope you enjoy your listen, and please be kind and mindful to each other. We are all we have.

Track listings:
0.0 – ‘Melted Crayons’ by Fog (taken from ‘Hummer’).
4.00 – ‘The Yellow Porcelain Bird’ by Okkyung Lee (taken from ‘Yeo-Neun’) 7.32 – ‘1991’ by My Disco (taken from ‘Severe’)
10.04 – ‘Inverts’ by Maria W Horn (taken from ‘Kontrapoetik’)
13.04 – ‘Digging Holes’ by DEAD (taken from ‘Raving Drooling’)
16.44 – a small excerpt from ‘I’ by Maria Moles (taken from ‘Opening’)
19.28 – ‘ax Mr. L.’ by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto (taken album ‘Revep’) 23.48 – ‘To Receive’ by Mamiffer (taken from ‘The Brilliant Tabernacle). 27.44 – ‘V’ by Anthony Laguerre (taken from ‘Myotis’)
31.06 – ‘Midnight’ by Helen Money (taken from ‘Atomic’)
35.37 – ‘Raajat’ by Vladislav Delay (taken from ‘Rakka’)
44.08 – ‘Salvia Salvatrix’ by Cucina Povera (taken from ‘Tyyni’)
51.52 – a small excerpt from ‘The Task’ by SUMAC (taken from ‘Love in Shadow’)
56.00 – ‘MAY FAILURE BE YOUR NOOSE’ by Lingua Ignota (taken from ‘Caligula’)
60.14 – ‘The Lonely’ by King Midas Sound (taken from ‘Solitude’).

You can find Past Walls and Windows here.


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