Listen to “Dann doch lieber weisse Wände” from German duo Sankt Otten off their new album on Denovali


“Dann doch lieber weisse Wände” comes from the new album Lieder Für Gemeotrische Stunden (“Songs for geometrical hours”), from German duo Sankt Otten.

Founded in 1999 in Osnabrück (Germany), they have been releasing their music on Denovali since 2009. This is their 11th release, which mixes elements of krautrock, ambient and electronica into a beautiful, hypnotic and diverse album that we’ve been taken with at Cyclic HQ. It was mastered by New York-based Rafael Anton Irisarri.

This is what Denovali have to say about it:
“Man and machine are going hand in hand, infused by a hypnotic, motor function 808 beat, encouraging everyone to head-nodding by being almost danceable. Again, the central theme of this release is definitely the minimal, repetitive drum play of Stephan Otten, whereas Oliver Klemm’s ebow guitar drones hovers the tracks through this album.”

Lieder Für Gemeotrische Stunden is out today on Denovali. You can find it here.


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