Australasian Computer Music Conference from the 3rd to the 11th of July 2020


ACMC is the annual gathering of the Australasian Computer Music Association, a place to show and discuss research and artistic progress in computer/electronic music. It’s a festival of performances, installations, workshops, and tutorials. The conference is hosted by the ANU School of Music and Research School of Computer Science, College of Engineering and Computer Science.

ACMC this year is free and has no registration fee. It’s on July 3–11, 2020 as an online event.

Boasting keynote artists Bridget Chappell (Hextape) and Eve Klein, as well as performances from Chinese composer and pianist Li Tao,Perth based audio visual artist C. Tsang, David Hirst’s dedication to Pierre Boulez and Frank Zappa, and Robert Jarvis’ integration of human flight and artistic performance whatever that means.

There’s lots of interesting events, such as an artist talk by David Haberfeld (Honeysmack) entitled ‘Composing Real-Time Electronic Dance Music: an improvisation approach to composing Acid Techno,’and ‘The Evolution of Music in Pokémon Console Games: How does musical texture and aesthetic of the Pokémon videogame theme evolve from 1996-2017?’ from Madhuri Suresh.

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