Watch a fascinating clip about the making of Plunderphonia by PC Nackt


Plunderphonia  is a new series of musical projects that create original music by “plundering” unexpected historical sources and genre blueprints. Developed by  !K7  founder  Horst Weidenmüller, the debut Plunderphonia  album has been recorded by  German artist PC Nackt aka Patrick Christensen. PC Nackt is a producer and composer who often utilises elements of classical, popular and experimental music in his work. He is the founder and creative head  of  The String Theory, part of electro punk band  Warren Suicide, and has collaborated with  Apparat and José González. His approach to Plunderphonia is to sample elements of important classical works in order to create whole new pieces. It’s pretty interesting.

You can find Plunderphonia here.


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