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Okay, we waited until we’d reviewed the first in the series, the really impressive new album from William Ryan Fritch that sees him channelling late night jazzy noir. You can read our review of The Letdown here. But his label Lost Tribe Sound is doing something really big, a new album series they’re calling “Built Upon A Fearful Void” or “Fearful Void Series” for short. It will introduce 15 new albums to the catalog over the next twelve months from June 2020 to June 2021 (about an album a month).

It boasts new full-length albums from William Ryan Fritch, From the Mouth of the Sun, yadayn, Vieo Abiungo, Sailcloth, Several Wives, Microwolf, Arrowounds, Claire Deak & Tony Dupé (aka Saddleback), Mt Went (aka Seabuckthorn & Dave Anderson), and Gallowglas. If you don’t know many of the artists don’t be discouraged, Lost Tribe Sound have a remarkable ability to introduce to your favourite music that you’d never previously known before.

There are plans for both digital and cd which you can find here, but if you’re looking for a way to support both labels and artists to continue to provide us with incredible music in these uncertain times, then a subscription provides both with a certain element of security.

This is what they have to say about it:

“This new series might seem a bit unhinged given the circumstances. And, believe it or not “Built Upon A Fearful Void” is not a title we invented recently, it was actually an album title that William Ryan Fritch and I have been kicking around since 2012. The album has been something I’ve been begging him to put out for nearly 6 years now. The timing just seemed incredibly appropriate all things considered.”

You can find the details of the subscription series here.


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