Listen to the woozy dreamscape that is ‘Amiga’ from Brazilian artist Sentidor


It’s taken from his new album Um Universo Brincando de Ser Gente that he completed just prior to the global pandemic. It’s a pretty eclectic release that draws on elements of jazz, r&b, bass music, and experimental electronica all tied together via his unique treated vocals.

This is what he has to say about it:

“The songs deal with a sort of cosmological revolution and the need for a global interdependence binding science and knowledge, human and inhuman entities, the body of the earth and the hypnotic processes of power and love; in general, it speaks of a deep process of unravelling and the need to come together once more in new formations.”

All profits from this release will be donated to solidarity networks for the purchase of basic supplies for families in the favelas and urban occupations of Belo Horizonte and the Greater Belo Horizonte region during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Um Universo Brincando de Ser Gente is released by Sounds and Colours on May 8th 2020 and available exclusively from here.


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