Listen to DJ Olive’s ‘Sleep’ from 2001 and rest your weary eyes


Whilst its genesis goes back to the late nineties when the New York based Olive was Djing ambient sets at sleeping parties, where people would bring a bunch of food, sleeping bags and just crash out listening to ambient tunes all night, more specifically this 48 minute single piece was designed in the aftermath of September 11 and given to Olive’s friends in New York on cdr to help them sleep.

Somehow it seems appropriate now. So it hasn’t been re-released. We just randomly picked up the CD the other day, put it on and remembered how amazing it is. We think you should listen too. It helps.

At the time of its release in 2006 on Room40, we said “Sleeping with sleep is incredible, its ability to lull you back into slumber via its warmth and patience once you have woken is unparalleled. This is a very special work.” You can read the full review here.


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