For 24 Hours all Bandcamp sales go directly to artists – Buy some shit!


Good evening friends.

We don’t normally get involved in encouraging sales or certain methods of purchase over others, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that for the next 24 hours Bandcamp are waiving their revenue share and allowing the funds to go directly to artists and independent labels who have been hit hard by this global pandemic. So please, get off those oppressive streaming sites who’s business model is all about exploiting the musicians you love, and reach out to an artist directly. You know the drill, with gig revenue gone if you want your favourite producer/ artist/ band to keep producing the art you love, and even occasionally put food on the table for their families then it might be nice to purchase something to help them out.

But don’t worry, you get something too. Great music.

We’re not going to tell you what to buy. But we do know that when it comes to social isolation and rarely leaving the house, music has been the one thing that has helped get us through. Which is why the last few weeks or so we’ve been presenting a new piece of music every single day, whether audio or video, review or interview. There’s so much great music at the moment on this site and elsewhere. So please trawl through this site find something that appeals and bring some beautiful artistic genius into your life.

So please support the artists you love and keep the incredible music coming.

Lots of love Cyclic Defrost.


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