Watch the ridiculous clip of AS Going (feat. LYZZA) from Amnesia Scanner’s forthcoming album


Berlin-based duo Amnesia Scanner have announced the impending release of their sophomore LP, Tearless, with this pretty amazing clip of AS Going (feat. LYZZA). They’re calling it an accidental quarantine song.

Amnesia Scanner were founded by the Finish duo of Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala who began in 2014 with the AS Live [][][][][] mixtape, followed by audio play Angels Rig Hook, two EP’s for Young Turks, and their 2018 debut album, Another Life (PAN).

This is what their label Pan has to say:

“the musical scope of the album is expansive, with guest vocalists — the Peruvian artist Lalita and the Brazillian DJ/producer LYZZA — descending into a vast uncanny valley of sound. With the crossfader on Tearless sitting closer to pop than abstraction, so too does the audience for this record widen in scope.”

Tearless is out June 5th via PAN. You can find more here.


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