Watch Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s amazing clip for ‘Expanding Electricity’ off her forthcoming album


It’s a pretty incredible clip, the prisms of colour and shapes slightly reminiscent of 2001’s stargate sequence, though significantly calmer due to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s gentle tones and ethereal vocals. It’s a beautiful joyous audio visual experience. Something special.

This from her press release:

“I guess in one sentence, this album is my expression of love and appreciation for electricity,” says Smith. While writing and recording, she embraced a daily practice of physical movement, passing electricity through her body and into motion, in ways reflecting her audio practice, which sends currents through modular synthesizers and into the air through speakers. Not a dancer by any traditional definition, she taught herself improvisatory movement realizing flexibility, strength, and unexpectedly, what Smith calls “a visual language” (the term was introduced to her by filmmaker Sean Hellfritsch) stemming from the human body and comprised of vibrational shapes. Understood as cymatics, as she says, “as a reference for how frequencies can be visualized,” much like a mosaic.

You can out more here.


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