Watch Black Lung’s “NXIVM II” featuring Miles Brown on theremin


If you don’t know Black Lung yet then you haven’t been paying attention.You can read our review of 2015’s Muzak from the Hive Mind here, and 2014’s Innovation Participation Reward here. You can also read an 2007 interview with the mysterious figure behind Black Lung here.

This is what he has to say about it:

“The danger for the media… is similar to that which faces cathedrals, namely that they slide towards the individual end of this spectrum. The personalizing of the presentation may become dominant and distort people’s capacity to receive information. At this point the media become not a means which may contribute to people’s capacity to locate themselves in their world, but sources of deception.”

This piece is from last year’s NXIVM (Ant Zen), and features Miles Brown on theremin and the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ. You can read an interview with Miles here.

You can find NXIVM here.


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