Listen to a ridiculously eclectic genius mix from Radio Belbury


In these topsy turvy times it takes something special to drag us out of morose paranoia. This mix is that special. Perhaps even more than special. Children’s songs, English folk madness, library music and melodic electronics, it features Paddy Kingsland, Chicory Tip, Plone, Alan Hawkshaw, The Free Design, Giorgio Moroder, Caravan, Hinge & Bracket, there’s truly something for everyone. It comes from Ghost Box honcho Jim Jupp, who you might also know as Belbury Poly. Anyway don’t listen to us. This is what he has to say about it:

“A new Radio Belbury show for the whole family. Twenty Three up-beat, rousing stompers and singalongs for exercising, dancing, boardgaming or mucking about. It’s so exciting, you might be sick. (listeners may notice one or two links and tunes repeated from older shows for which we make absolutely no apology).”

Radio Belbury is brought to you by Ghost Box Records.


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