Happy Easter Mixtape of Terrifying and Confusing Christian Music – Part 2: By Bob Baker Fish


It’s the sequel no one asked for. Last year Features Editor Bob Baker Fish imbibed too much of the good stuff over the Easter period and came out the other side with a terrifying and confusing mix of Christian op shop music. The strong at heart can find it here.

Its bastardised sibling is brimming with a similar kind of misguided desire to penetrate mainstream consciousness with off key crooners, super hep rock n’ roll, clap raps, Christian aerobics, angry born again preachers and children’s stories designed to make the kids feel inadequate unless they invite the lord into their hearts.

Bob’s tweaked some of the tunes, manipulating the manipulative if you will and has put together a disturbing little mixtape to scoff your chocolate along to. That’s if you haven’t already suffered enough.

Happy Easter from Cyclic Defrost!


About Author

Bob is the features editor of Cyclic Defrost. He is also evil. You should not trust the opinions of evil people.