Listen to ‘The Lighthouse’ from Panoptique Electrical’s new album


Panoptique Electrical is a gorgeous ambient work of Adelaide based Jason Sweeney. His gentle evocative pieces are filled with quiet moments of sustain and decay, where space is as important as performance. ‘The Lighthouse’ comes from his new album, Five Pianos which is comprised of theatre commissions and art installations as well as variations of works created for his Patreon subscribers.

This is what he has to say about it:

“The brief with many of these compositions was to create space and quietness but also to thread together a prepared piano sound evocative of weather shifts, radio frequencies, pulsation of electromagnetic vibrations and a resignation to human sadness.”

We’ve been fans of Jason’s work from back in his Pretty Boy Crossover days, though been positively bewitched by his Panoptique Electrical music. You can read an interview he did with us over a decade ago here. And a review of his 2016 album Disappearing Music For Face here. We even asked him to do a Cyclic Selects for us which you can see here.

You can find Five Pianos here.


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