Watch the spooky debut of The Narcoleptor


The Narcoleptor is Mary Doumany (harp/voice) and Miles Brown (theremin) and this self titled track is off their debut EP out on the aptly titled Nosferatunes.

They call themselves avant goth, with the duo creating a creepy baroque nightmare just waiting for a suitably demented film to be created to go alongside it. It’s a unique combination of instrumentation, something totally unexpected and fascinating. It’s also quite experimental at times, but always affecting and interesting. Think Diamanda Galas meets Zeena Parkins at a 1950’s alien invasion film.

We’ve been fans of Miles Brown for quite some time. You can check out his Cyclic Selects he did for us a few years back here, and an interview from 2015 here.

You can find The Narcoleptor here.


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