Shigeto – Shigeto EP (Vanity Press)


Detroit based electronic producer Zachary Saginaw last graced us under his Shigeto alias with last year’s ‘Weighted’ EP on Ghostly International, and twelve months on this latest self-titled 12” EP on UK label Vanity Press offers up four new tracks that see him continuing to blur the boundaries between hiphop, broken beats, jazz and techno.

On the A-side ‘Jetsettin’ kicks this EP open with filtered hiphop breaks, wobbling sub-bass drops and jazzy keys, the airy pads that swell in the background adding a dreamy soul undertow to the rattling, Luke Vibert-esque breakbeats that rattle and lurch below.

‘Pusher’ meanwhile ventures further out into gliding broken-beat techno as a fluttering snare pattern continually cycles in place against gorgeous jazzy piano runs and rattling percussion fills, the minor key synths that fade into focus towards the track’s second half adding classic Detroit atmosphere as thumping 4/4 kickdrum patterns stretch off into the distance.

On the flipside, ‘Alley Oop’ trails bleeping electronics against a jacking backbone of broken wood-block rhythms and snapping kicks, while phased ambient pads add a hypnotic counterpoint to the occasional flashes of hardcore-style sped-up vocal samples that dart through the mix. Lastly, ‘New Course’ closes this EP with what’s easily its most house-centred offering as lithe 4/4 hi-hats trace path against crisply compressed kickdrums and burbling melodic sequences. A consistently impressive EP that sees Shigeto as difficult to categorise as ever.


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