Listen to ‘NXIVM II’ from Black Lung’s new album


A new Black Lung album is always a source of excitement at Cyclic Defrost. The album is titled NXIVM, and this track NXIVM features a collaboration with Melbourne theremin maestro and recording artist (The Night Terrors/Death Waltz Recordings) Miles Brown on both theremin and the immense Melbourne Town Hall pipe organ.

Black Lung is a project of David Thrussell, who you may know under his other moniker Snog. We’re big fans of Thrussell’s work, and to date he is the only person to have done two Cyclic Selects for us – the first on hillbilly songs that should’ve saved the world, and the second on Johnny Cash songs that you’ve probably never heard.

We’ve also spoken with him a few times, most recently here.

His press releases are always entertaining, and read like Philip K Dick novels, and for NXIVM he has this to say:

“Commissioned in early 2018 by the Albany, New York based NXIVM (pronounced Nexium) Group, the new Black Lung album is the soundtrack and sonic accompaniment to the self-improvement and multi-level marketing corporation’s much-vaunted program. Be it ‘Vanguard Week’, or its 12-point ‘Mission Statement’ or the many life-coaching classes and neuro-linguistic programming and group-therapy techniques that the organization has offered for over a decade and a half: Black Lung has sublimely captured the very essence of the group’s actions and outlook.
Recipient of substantial seed and long-term funding from international financial dynasties and the multinational entertainment complex, NXIVM has operated on many levels and with a menagerie of objectives and interests.”

You can find the album here.


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