Justice Yeldham – Babachichi


Well this is ridiculous. These strange clipped rubbery synthetic notes squelching and bouncing around in no discernible pattern. Compositionally it feels like there’s a degree of difficulty just trying to control or even elicit the sounds. It’s a kind of musical schitzophrenia, maddeningly repetitive, but also a little bit off, so patterns are difficult to find, and a kind of groove seems to emerge, then disappear to the point where you wonder if you had just imagined it because you want it to be there.

It’s the work of Lucas Abela, sometimes Granpa, sometimes Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon Device, created no doubt with face on a broken shard of glass through various effects pedals, and whilst it’s not an easy listen, it is often quite funny and provoking. At times it feels like an absurd austere work for a solo instrument, at others he seems to be taking the piss out of guitar shredding, and at others it feels like zany electronics programmed by a sadist. Probably the most important thing is that as a 2 song single it doesn’t go for very long, because this kind of madness is difficult to sustain. As a result it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Absurd, slightly hysterical and pretty funny there’s a lot to like here. Perfect for your next dinner party.


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