Watch “A Very Silent Way” an unexpected collaboration between Underworld and the Necks


DRIFT is an ongoing experiment that publishes new Underworld material – music, film, stories, etc on their website. The DRIFT series is an epic year-long road trip by the band in collaboration with Tomato and friends old and new from playwrights to DJs in jazz and techno to painters and poets.

Underworld recently visited Australia to perform as part of the Vivid Festival. You can read our review here. Prior to the tour we spoke with Underworld’s Karl Hyde, though he didn’t mention this unique collaboration. “Is this an album of 52 tracks with 52 friends? We haven’t seen that before,” he suggested, clearly enjoying the freedom of breaking free from the album format.

Australian improvising trio the Necks are no strangers to Cyclic Defrost. We’ve spoken with them regularly over the years, most recently in 2018. You can read that interview with bassist Lloyd Swanton here.


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