Watch ‘Dandelion Precious’ from Pikelet’s final album


After 12 years and 5 albums, musician and multi-instrumentalist Evelyn Ida Morris is farewelling their Pikelet moniker forever, with this final track off their final album.

The album, appropriately titled ‘Goodbye’ is out now via Babyrace Records in limited quantities. You can find it here.

We’ve been fans of Evelyn Ida Morris for years, and you can read Evelyn’s Cyclic Selects from 2015 here.

This clip, from Melbourne based director Julia Suddenly, is a fascinating take on a piece that Evelyn suggests “ruminates on the pitfalls of love; the self destructive narratives that we sometimes find ourselves perpetuating when deeply adoring someone.” Not only is there some great interpretative dance, it also features some striking drone imagery.

Goodbye Pikelet, we’re going to miss you.


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