Textasy – EXOTIC003 (Exotic Robotics)


Dallas born electronic producer Dustin Evans previously graced us with last year’s ‘Deep South Bass Cuts’ EP on Dolphin Traxx, and this latest 12” EP on Exotic Robotics offers up five new tracks that see his obsession with breakbeat-driven electro continuing. ‘Magick 0’ kicks things open on a relatively laidback note, placing a chunky breakbeat grove against jazz-soul organ keys while a funk-infused analogue synth bassline invokes the spirit of Herbie Hancock, only to gradually get filtered into acid 303 squelches as the track progresses.

If the aforementioned track opts for a smooth cruising velocity rather than real dancefloor fireworks, ‘Mystique’ opts for a more energetic pace as eerie percussive sequences play off a shuffling big-beat-esque breakbeat groove and digitally treated guitar inflections, the post-rave horns that enter towards the end recalling ‘Pacific’ era 808 State more than anything else.

Elsewhere, ‘Texlektro’ takes things on a streamlined glide through crisp electro rhythms, bendy analogue bass sequences and spacious airy synth pads, but it’s the aptly named ‘Ambient Track 43’ that throws up this EP’s real curveball, eschewing rhythmic elements completely in favour of a serene wander through phased rolling synth clouds that ventures out towards the likes of Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana, the sharp stabs of colour that emerge towards the very end sneaking a hint of Rephlex in there as well. Satisfyingly chunky stuff that sees Textasy paying homage to classic electro breaks sounds.


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