Listen to an exclusive stream of ‘Automatism’ the incredible new album from Saffronkeira


“Automatism” is the work of Sardinian sound researcher Eugenio Caria under his moniker Saffronkeira. It is his first new work since 2015.

This is what his label has to say:

“Man is proud of his conscious mind that sets him apart from animals. For this reason he fears the unconscious and is fascinated by it at the same time. ‘Automatism’ refers to various forms of unconscious behaviour such as the unconscious creation of art which sees its culmination in pictures created by generative adversarial networks, a particular kind of artificially intelligent system that can create artificial images, sound or text which are indistinguishable from real or human-made creations.”

Much like the above paragraph, Automatism is dense and heavy. It’s an incredible all consuming work of electronics with layered textures and melodic, quite musical digitalia.

It has just been released on one of our favourite labels Denovali. You can find out more here.



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