Listen to the epic ‘Sawtooth’ from South Korea’s Jambinai


In 2019 it’s pretty hard to get too excited by post rock, but South Korean ensemble Jambinai, a few 20 something’s who met whilst studying traditional South Korean music use their traditional instruments to create these epic walls of searing noise, and it’s pretty damn amazing.

We saw them in 2015 when they were a trio, where they blew our minds at Womadelaide. This what we said:

“They’re the Dirty Three without the spitting, Mogwai with one foot immersed in folklore. Their final performance deep on Monday night was electric. With most of the audience seated, a number of metal dancers congregated at the front, banging heads and thrusting a metal salute. This caused some degree of consternation with those behind, but it’s the perfect description of both the sound and world clash that is Jambinai. Finally Jambinai told us it was their last song and they wanted everyone on their feet and truly rocked out. Afterwards it was pandemonium. In six years of covering Womadelaide I’ve never seen anything like this, the audience baying for more, drowning out the MC who came on to thank the sponsors – refusing to let her get a word in. It was unrelenting and freeing, the most powerful and awe inspiring performance of the festival also being the last. Find these guys.”

‘Sawtooth’ is from their forthcoming album ONDA, which is due for release on Friday, June 7 on Bella Union via [PIAS]/Inertia. The band are now a 5 piece with the addition of bass and drums, which as you can hear offers more explosive possibilities. We can’t wait.

You can pre-order it here.

Photo credit: Kang Sang Woo


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