FaltyDL – If All The People Took Acid (Blueberry)


Following on from last year’s ‘A Taste Of Acid’ EP on Hypercolour, this latest 12” EP from Brooklyn-based electronic producer Drew Lustman under his FaltyDL alias ‘If All The People Took Acid’ sees him continuing to return to classic acid house / electro basics. As is characteristic for him though, the four tracks collected here manage to pack in plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way.

On the A-side, ‘If All The People Took Acid’ opens proceedings with an airy glide through lithe house snares, fat analogue bass chords and bright synth stabs that harks back to early 808 State, while the looped hippie girl samples and twisted phasing sits closer to the eccentricity of one of Luke Vibert’s more house-centred explorations.

While it’s certainly satisfying in its original mix form, the real dancefloor bomb arrives here in the form of fellow Brooklynite Octo Octa’s twisted house mix, which sends Kaoss-pad treated acid ripples and James Brown-style vocal exhortations gliding over a bouncy backdrop of stripped-down drum machine percussion and spiralling bass arpeggios, with the ghost of DJ Sneak lurking amidst the clattering snares.

By contrast, the other two tracks here see Lustman focusing on the darkness, and indeed you could almost describe them both as ‘horror acid’. ‘Flesh Of Acid’ takes things off on a cold electro ride through urgently flickering electro arpeggios, phased jet trails and juddering EBM bass sequences that manages to to drag the bright rave stabs off in a considerably more forbidding direction. ‘Scream Acid’ meanwhile lives up to its title as dark whirring background synths and blocky electro arpeggios creep against sampled screams, the streamlined breakers’ rhythms colliding with sinister modulated electronics. A consistently strong EP from FaltyDL that’s well worth seeking out.


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