Listen to the woozy beautiful ‘heart’ from Leighton Craig’s new album


It comes from his new album Diamond Eye, released on the French label Bruit Direct Disques, which features more blurry pop kissed experiments that seem to effortlessly walk the line between haunting and endearing. If you don’t know Craig, he’s a Queensland based composer who has divided his time between songwriting, field recording and sound installations whilst also playing in The Lost Domain, Deadnotes and Primitive Motion. He’s previously released his solo albums on Lawrence English’s (who also mastered Diamond Eye) Room40 label and his own Kindling imprint.

His label calls it ‘long distance bewitchment’ and it’s difficult to disagree.

You can read our review of 11 easy pieces here, and a duo recording with Eugene Carchesio here.

You can find it here for Europeans, and here for Australians.


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