Juha-Matti Rautiainen – Above Me Weeps The Sky (Z-Trading)


Juha-Matti Rautiainen came to our attention during the Kukemuru Festival earlier this year, and after witnessing such skills with the atmosphere-crafting sounds from his bass, pedals & effects, we dived into ‘The Endless Now – Music For Stagnation’ – his first release from 2016 – to please our ears and become intrigued about his next steps.

‘Above Me Weeps The Sky’ is his second release to date, and there are many steps that were taken since ‘The Endless Now’. There is a conceptual approach here, and Juha-Matti is aiming at a particular direction. The homonym opening title gives that impression, while ‘Those Who Were Left’ turns eerie and oneiric until a pulsating bass jumps in halfway through and sets a new bar for the whole composition to rise to. ‘Darkly The Bleak Clouds Roam’ is our first pick, it’s calm and meditative, field recordings appear for the first time and add texture to a soothing mixture that blends perfectly, ending in a hint of a melody coming from the distinctive bass of Rautiainen.

‘On The Bleach (After Nevil Shute)’ is a layered composition where manipulated sound effects coexist with underwater field recordings made by Heikki Lindgren. ‘Dreaming, I Wing, I Fly’ comes from under the water again, and floats, suspended in a drone until the suspense comes in the shape of a gentle noise, all of which is being followed by enlightened strings and echoes on the second half. ‘Transmission’ seems to act as a long interval of angst and lost radio frequencies, building space for ‘My Loved Ones Are Waiting At Home’ to expand its heavy fragments of ambience and wrap up this album in a majestic fog under the moonlight. ‘Void’, an unlisted track, is an abstract cloud emanating cathartic frequencies.

‘Above Me Weeps The Sky’ feels cohesive, and it is indeed connected. Juha-Matti Rautiainen expressed his concerns on the political state of the world, and set a narrative throug ethereal whispers of introspection.


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