Jonas Kasper Jensen – Within The Temporal Experience


Danish artist Jonas Kasper Jensen delivered his second album on the Chilean imprint Clang earlier this year. And it’s one of the most exquisite experimental compositions that we’ve heard in quite some time. Featuring morphing waves that vary in order to generate space within the sound frequencies, interludes with sustained texture and deepness, steady drones over shifting environments that generate dizziness, and waves of sound that would be almost tangible if played through a proper sound system.

Our pick is ‘A Shape Within A Material’, the second cut of the LP. It is more subtle; here the digitally processed strings and things seem to be on a distance, the confluence of those sounds together generate a sonic juxtaposition of great ambitions. All in all, the album is not an intense drone experience rather than something with remnants of the edge between music and raw sound formations. We know, it is an acquired taste, but these types of work are indeed a great entrance to a new sonic dimension.


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