Rone – Mirapolis Remixes (Infine)


Released late last year, French electronic producer Rone’s (real Erwan Castex) fourth album ‘Mirapolis’ saw him continuing to broaden the spectrum of his lush and sparkling productions, with even more post-IDM / leftfield and ambient influences creeping in amongst the more familiar techno / house elements. Almost a year on, this latest 12” EP on Infine offers up three remixes of the title track alongside the original album edit.

In its original mix form, ‘Mirapolis’ offers up what’s easily one of the biggest highlights of that aforementioned album, as glittering synth arpeggios spiral out like a spectacular web of intersecting patterns against a tight backbone of 4/4 kicks and snares, the shimmering chromatic layers suggesting Vangelis more than anything else as tuned metallic percussion rises up against the vast brooding bass swells.

Fortunately, in this case the impressive cast of remixers pressed into service manages to more than do justice to the spectacular original version. Hamburg-based producer Johannes Brecht kicks the pace up a few notches, throwing a slight element of skipping shuffle into the clicking tech-house rhythms, and throwing the arpeggios through eerie levels of delay against bizarre frequency modulation effects, before Matias Aguayo’s reworking opts for a more main room house vibe as clattering percussion fills and toms roll alongside airy 4/4 hi-hats, the icy washes of analogue synth bringing the tension in the propulsive bass arpeggios into sharp focus as they build in volume.

It’s Laurent Garnier’s nine minute long remix that represents the real pearler here though, using its broad canvas to really tease the listener with its layers of glittering synths as the majestic swelling bass arrangements gradually build the dramatic atmosphere up to cinematic levels. Excellent stuff, indeed.


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