Yuri Urano – Autline (Central Processing Unit)


Osaka-born electronic producer Yuri Urano has previously released two albums of dancefloor-oriented pop / techno under the alias yuLLiPPe, and this debut 12” EP under her given name ‘Autline’ on Sheffield label Central Processing Unit sees her taking her productions in a harder direction.

On the A-side, ‘Autline’ opens proceedings on a cold and brittle note as muffled 4/4 kickdrums gather pace against dark bass synth swells and brittle-sounding percussion, while Urano’s vocal get cut-up into a repetitive monosyllabic pulse that interweaves with the rhythms, bright electronic whirs and chirps offering flashes of colour amidst the monochromatic textures. There’s sense of the rhythmic complexity of the track being continually added to as new layers stack up in the mix, though there’s a constant sense of icy, pared back emptiness lurking at its core, even as reverberated off-beat snares flit back and forth.

‘Pec’ meanwhile opts for more of an elastic dancefloor pulse as ominous grinding bass sequences writhe like snares against volleys of stacked handclaps and rattling snares, taking things off on a ferocious throbbing industrial techno wander that calls to mind the likes of Terence Fixmer and Vatican Shadow – indeed, it’s arguably the biggest dancefloor weapon on offer here.

On the flipside, the dubstep-tinged ‘Knock’ sends vast powerline-like bass buzzing against spidery percussion and glitchy-sounding pneumatic beats, building up an ominous sense of cold atmosphere that calls to mind some vast creeping mechanical insect, before ‘Massio’ locks down into a tooth-rattling dancefloor ride through thick growling analogue bass, hammering industrial snares and pitched-down robovox. If you like your industrial-edged techno armoured to the teeth and ready for battle, you’ll be thrilled with what’s in store here.


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