Watch a premiere of Zoltan Fecso’s Shimmer Raga performed live on his augmented guitar


Zoltan Fecso is a Melbourne based electro acoustic musician. His compositions are created by combining small fragments of single notes repeating at varying speeds, inspired by ‘pointillism’, a painting technique using individual coloured dots to create images. He creates this music via the specially augmented guitar you see above.

This from his label:

“With designs in hand and an opportunity to work with renowned instrument builder Ian Noyce, the pair began a 12-month journey to fulfill Zoltan’s vision for performing live. Their creation – an acoustic guitar with MIDI capabilities – boldly showcased Zoltan’s imaginative vision in fusing organic instrumentation with the endless possibilities of electronic programming. The success of the instrument and his blossoming musical talents led to an award from Novation, acceptance into the Bundanon Trust Artists in Residence Program in 2017, as well as a busy travel schedule that included performances and music technology talks throughout Europe.”

His album Shimmer Raga has been released by Seattle’s Hush Hush records. You can find it here.

He’s launching Shimmer Raga:
October 3rd @ Gorman Arts Centre
October 5th @ Melbourne Recital Centre
October 10th @ 107


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