Bart van Dongen & Richard van Kruysdijk – One Two Three Four Five (Opa Loka Records)


Pianist Bart van Dongen and electronic composer Richard van Kruysdijk have reached a new level on this joint venture. Exploring all the possibilities of the piano by enhancing it with in-detail textures and rhythm patterns, as if trying to expand its own sound spectrum. The additions of Omnichord, Kaoss Pad, live sampling, and effects by van Kruysdijk confirm that there is a certain coexistence between the acoustic and the digital worlds that sometimes just flows almost naturally, and it becomes a sound delight.

While melodic sketches from the piano are received by soft cracking samples and effects shaping an air of nostalgia at the beginning, a dialogue between metallic sound effects and piano calls is just around the corner, ready to stretch down and reach more emotional passages with hints of peaking light. And it keeps exploring the piano expressions, even as a percussive element. Free-form approaches and strings with effects are the beginning of the last stop, where an oneiric dronish piece covers everything in an evocative sound mist.


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