Various Artists – The Drip EP (Accidental)


This latest 12” EP from Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records label offers up a characteristically different spin on the standard remix approach, with the four artists involved each drawing upon the same source samples (in this case, the sound of water droplets) to create a completely different track.

Herbert himself leads the charge on Side A with ‘The Swamp’, using the repetitive sounds of a treated splash as a 4/4 kickdrum around which he winds all manner of chattering textures, dark muted synth sequences and contorted, dubbed out samples, the track gradually gathering pace before rearing up into a mass of ping-ponging reverbed out percussive textures. While the focus remains on the propulsive textures, it’s certainly intended for a seriously eccentric dancefloor.

Crewdson drops the pace slightly with ‘Amphibious’, placing a slightly jazzy house bass groove against a central backbone of splashing liquid sounds while glittering bent synths and pastel-shading organ tones add an opaque soul feel. If the focus leans closer to laidback chill, Edinburgh-based newcomer Yann Seznec’s ‘Droplets’ sees digitally processing the splashing sounds so that they sound more like galloping water drums, the aquatic wobbling bass tones being meshed with rattling broken-beat house rhythms and chaotic percussion, the entire track gradually building up into a head-spinning mass of busy textural detail.

Finally, Cosmo Sheldrake closes things out with ‘Splosh’, stripping things back slightly whilst still orienting the rhythm around a vaguely swing-house figure as muted horns make their way across a backdrop of ricocheting percussion and wheezing bass tones. Longtime Accidental fans won’t be disappointed by what’s in store here.


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