Tresque – Vai e Vem (Care Of Editions)


Tresque is Laurent Peter’s alter ego. He might be more known for his several releases under the name D’Incise. Vai e Vem got a vinyl release on the interesting imprint Care Of Editions, and we highly recommend to check their website, since their concept is something we haven’t seen before.

Vai e Vem is his second album, and what we received was a mechanical composition divided into 5 parts, each one consisting of approximately 10 minutes, if we also include the digital only part. Side one of the disc starts with pulsating beats under sustained pads, a minimal approach that mixes its own elements, that seem to synchronize even when out of place. New elements join the puzzle and a tech atmosphere rises and goes through different stages. Repetitive patterns, in-detail marks, and hints of bass. ‘Cikade’ finishes this side with a faster pulsating beat in contraposition to a noise that falls in between, at a slower pace. It shifts into techno, and it also feels progressive.

‘Mwen Se Be’, beginning of the side 2, is our favorite of this release, because of its tempo, static background noise and its rythmical approach. ‘Tendresse’ ends the album on a hypnotic way, a heavy bass, sounds like reflections and a reminiscence of Plastikman’s best moments, but with more elements. The digital bonus might start beatless but don’t get tricked: it’s heavier, including a mechanical and robotic dub atmosphere. Vai e Vem can work both as a dj tool on its many parts or also to satisfy mechanically-driven-compositions lovers.


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