RP Boo – I’ll Tell You What! – (Planet Mu)


RP BOO is a footwork legend that has been active in the Chicago scene since the early ’90s. He was there when both footwork and juke were building strong roots and he also witnessed the times when the genre crossed borders and started to turn dancefloors upside down all over the world. ‘I’ll Tell You What!’ is his second album on Planet Mu, first one was ‘Legacy’ back in 2013. Having stated that it’s all about giving to the listeners, and that he prefers to die empty instead of having things not said or expressions not made, this album seems to stand for his own words.

He combines a wide approach on footwork, juke and trap, with an elegant minimalistic and experimental approach. The opener ‘No Body’ highlights all these aspects, and also possesses an experienced approach to handling vocal samples, similar to ‘Cloudy Back Yard’, which takes its time to form, or on the fast-paced-dancefloor-bomb ‘U Belong 2 Me’. A science-fiction world builds up on ‘Flight 1235’, that also features the Chicago reference Dj Phil & the more experienced Crossfire, and the same storytelling vibe happens on ‘Bounty’, fully charged on bass. ‘At War’ is asking you to ‘watch and witness’ at the end of the track, reminding us that this is all about Chicago and its history, as if the humming bass on ‘Back From The Future’ or the hypnotic ‘Work The Flow!’ aren’t proof enough.

Our chosen ones here are the moving ‘U Don’t No’ and ‘Earth’s Battle Dance’, put next to each other on the recording, both with a jazzy touch and a huge hip hop influence. The haunted synths on the spatial ‘Wicked’Bu’ turns into the perfect introduction for ‘Deep Sole’, the end of the recording, that truly delivers an exquisite combination of hip hop and footwork, as if making a final statement about the whole work. And once you’ve realised that, he reminds it to you once more with the vocals: ‘It’s always beautiful at the end’.


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