Listen to the premiere of ‘Foldings’ from The Eye of Time


The Eye of Time is the solo-project of French musician, Marc Euvrie. His new album ‘Myth II : Need To Survive’, released 24th of August on Denovali Records, is the second part of a trilogy of releases about the path that humanity takes over the ages. A multi-layered tapestry of experimental sound, ‘Myth II : Need To Survive’ merges darkness and hope via minimalist beats and stark bass.

This is what Marc has to say about it:

“The period between the release of the first two records of this trilogy is a most significant one in my life. ‘A Need To Survive’ is the perfect title to name it. I have fought darkness. I have faced myself. I’ve been into the deepest introspection ever, but I’m on my way to recover, and I will never be the same again. I guess I have faced the worst but most important period that everybody will face in his life. To know yourself better, to see the bad and the good things you’re capable of.”

“I feel that the album trilogy I started in 2016 will match my path to become a better person in balance. ‘Myth I : A Last Dance For The Things We Love’ corresponds to my falling into darkness, ‘A Need To Survive’ to finding the energy to rise again and the last record which will be named ‘To Heal’, corresponds to me right now, feeling positively mature.”

You can find out more here.

Photo by Matthieu Dutot


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