Hear a track from Milan’s Maenad Veyl latest EP


Milanese producer Thomas Feriero is back with another EP of industrial strength electro as Maenad Veyl. Channeling the electronic body music of 1987-88 – Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 – as much as the other less well known side of Italian electronic music of the early 1990s – the hard edged techno of Leo Annibaldi, Lory D, Andrea Benedetti – Maenad Veyl is part of a wave of grim, metallic, beats that are as much a reflection of the current times as they are a homage to 1987-1993.

Here on the tongue-in-cheek, No Irony, these EBM influences are dialled up to eleven and the would no be out of place on the floor of the Boccaccio in 1987.

Not What You See, Not What You Feel is out on Maenad Veyl’s own Veyl label.


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