Ivy Lucille – Haunted (Self Released)


Ivy Lucille is a unique songstress/performance artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Drawing from the depths of the Great Mother Earth and the Spiritual Sky, Ivy has cultivated her own distinct sound through exploring the human psyche, spirituality and a broad spectrum of musical styles. Ivy’s sound has an epic, cinematic feel consisting of piano, strings, powerful, ethereal vocals woven together to create an emotive landscape which is quite avant-garde yet has a modern feel. Ivy’s songs tell stories from other worlds taking you on a journey through the valleys and peaks of theatrical mystique transporting you to another place and time. A fusion of elemental earth opera, pop and soul. A divine entwine of light and dark.

The Haunted EP is a truly stunning musical debut. It is a five song work that equally befits an evocative piece of cinema, such as a gothic mystery. I find myself thinking of batman scenes with Christian Dale in his underground caves. Ivy’s voice compels with a dusky teasing in ‘Past Life Sins’ that could find a place in a Bond movie. There are hints of Adelle in pout, passion and mystique and yet the voice and lyric vastly differ. Ivy, a Melbourne based signer songwriter cites her influences as Tori Amos. Lisa Gerrard and Regina Spector amongst others. One can most definitely hear it. Her voice sends chills down my spine in the second track ‘Haunted’ which has a sort of eerie amusement park evil clown type vibe, reminiscent of a B grade 80’s movie. Ivy says of her musical choices “I write a lot in minor keys. All the songs on the EP are in the minor tonality. I tend to also use diminished fifths a lot! A love that darkened edge and tension it can bring to a composition”.

Written and produced by Ivy, it has some stunning vocal effects which cut through like the lady of the lake rising from the depths on ‘Hollow Mother’. There is a cry from the soul so deep it cannot be denied, the lyrics decry:

“ Where has the beauty gone

In this masculine world-we’re driven from

We’ve lost the sacred seed

Of the mother who lies buried in the reeds”

The piano that begins in the track ‘Emergency’ could easily be Phillip Glass, one can almost palpably feel the old room, the isolation, the sense of being removed from life, looking out a misty window as the open fire burns amidst a mystery that can never be answered.

“From the top of the tower. The ghost that shook her” echoes.

Piano, strings and electro orcehstration dominate and bind the ep in aesthetic beauty that proceeds like a superb journey from beginning to end. We return to where we begin with ‘Past life sins’ remix, this time with an electro beat that lifts the work.

In essence it is a brilliant work mixed by Kaisha Hekimian of Snake Eye Records and mastered by Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering. It deserves to be heard everywhere.

You can find the EP here.
Ivy Lucille plays in Melbourne tomorrow June 22nd 2018 @ 8pm at Hares and Hyenas, be sure to go check her out, definitely not to be missed. A supremely talented musician.


About Author

Catherine Meeson is a solo ambient electro / progressive folk rock songwriter/ composer from Melbourne, fascinated by the wealth of brilliance in the musical world.