Posthuman – MetroJak One (Chi Wax)


Almost twenty years after they first emerged under their Posthuman alias, London-based cousins Richard Bevan and Joshu Doherty have traversed a broad range of genres and styles before more recently setting into a techno / house oriented direction, grounded in their signature deployment of Roland 808s and 909s alongside other analogue gear.

This latest 12” EP on Berlin label Chi Wax ‘MetroJak One’ offers up four new tracks that inhabit distinctly extroverted dancefloor territory, and if there’s an overarching theme here, it’s definitely ferocious acid house. Opening track ‘MetroJak sets the scene as juddering robotic bass arpeggios build against clicking 808 toms and airy hi-hats, the synths getting filtered into mesmerising layers of acid squiggle as a jacking step locks into the rhythms alongside stuttered male vocal samples repeatedly intoning “acid”.

There’s a sense of the current UK acid revival in full swing as the distorted synths surge and dubbed-out pads ripple against the relentless 4/4 grooves. If anything, ‘Breaker’ pushes the intensity levels even higher as a distorted bassline worms its way against clattering metallic percussion fills and clicking 808 toms, before things wind up into a furious battle between the stacked drum breakdowns and acid 303 squeals.

On the flipside, ‘Tusk Beats’ gets thundering and tribal, sending bass-heavy percussion rolling against phased industrial snares, the entire track winding up into a furious batucada flow before stripping itself back down layer by layer. ‘Five Mile Burn’ takes things out with some of this EP’s most hooky electro grooves as elastic bass squelches echo out against airless house snares, in a spectacular closer that burns with dark, funky energy. If your tastes lean towards furious acid-techno grooves, you won’t be disappointed by what’s on offer here.


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