House Of Blondes – Time Trip (Alrealon Musique)


‘Time Trip’ is John Blonde and Chris Pace’s first work as House Of Blondes outside their own imprint Glowmatic Records. Released by the Swiss/French/American label Alrealon Musique, their third LP is partly inspired by Daniel Boorstin’s book ‘The Discovers’, and goes around the humankind’s attempt to define and quantify time’s existence.

With time references throughout most of its song titles (time, clock, solar time, hour, seconds) it´s a ride that complements both digital and acoustic sounds into a solid and cohesive expression. Smooth motorik percussions together with elevating synths and progressive layers of motifs create a transition of feelings that are all heart-warming, like in ‘Discovery #1’ or ‘Time Trip (Main Theme’. ‘Modern Clock’ seems to do what its name suggests: represent our current days, with fast paced ticking sounds in contrast with slow and nourishing glimpses of audio delights. There is an obvious minor tension between these two tempos, and similar to a sensitive person immersed in a metropolis, beauty seems to emerge from this very same tenseness.

There are also drones that emanate textures and Eno-like melodies, like on ‘Mean Solar Time’ and our two favourites: ‘The Rise Of The Equal Hour’ and ‘Slow Games’. The conjunction of organic and digital approaches gets even stronger on the second half of the album, while psychedelic effects and shifting percussions together with pastoral vibes lead the way to a trip both to the inside and the outside of the inner-being, as it happens on ‘Why It Happened On The West’, ‘Intimate Seconds’ and ‘The Tilted Earth.’

Trippy and energic, but tidy, organized and elegant. It’s not only easily digestible, but also comforting. Even being forced to go fast, we realize that not everything is about hurry. This is a series of compositions that you might enjoy while in motion, either driving or looking out the window on a train or a long distance bus. It´s not about where you are going, it´s all about the journey.


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