Listen to ‘A Matter of Indifference’ from Rik Rue’s 1983 Cassette ‘A Raise of An Eyebrow’


Rik Rue is an Australian experimental musician who has been releasing his work since the late 70’s. He is best know as a sound collagist, utilising environemntal sounds within his compositions. Since the 1980’s Rue worked with live tape mixing in performances both solo and with Mind/Body/Split, a group of Sydney-based improvising musicians which include Jim Denley, Sherre De Lys, Jamie Fielding, and Kimo Venonen.

In recent year local label Shame File Music has been re releasing his earlier cassette work. A Matter of Indifference is from this.

“Rik Rue dedicated this very early solo work to ‘…the many pleasures of low tech and the mighty pause button’. This 1983 release contains shorter, more succinct pieces, and arguably more sample-focussed, than his later more spacious and abstract work. This was at a point before Rue dived headlong into the possibilities of environmental recordings, exemplified on later released like “Murmers” (reissued as sham086). Rue commented on “A Raise of an Eyebrow” recently that in making these tracks, he used ‘whatever I could get my hands on’. Over a quarter of a century later, “A Raise of an Eyebrow” offers an insight into the early solo work of one of Australia’s most original sound innovators.”

Available to stream/download and on CDR from here.


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