Listen to ‘Falling Slowly’ from Melbourne artist Sam Price’s new album


Sam Price is a Melbourne based percussionist and composer. You may know him via his eclectic two drummer duo with Ronny Ferella, Peon. You can read our review of their third album Inter Alia here. Over the years he’s also quietly been releasing a series of quality solo albums that merge synthesis, electronics and percussion in a truly performative way. We reviewed Sam’s previous album Jindabyne, which you can read here. Sam also periodically writes for us, you can see his writing here.

Rubicon is an eclectic and fascinating listen with deep warm textures and an evocative sense of space. And you can really hear that on this piece ‘Falling Slowly’, with it’s minimal hypnotic pulse anchoring the piece.

This is what the label has to say:
“At the end of 2017, surveying the challenging year that was, Sam amassed some sounds to reflect the zeitgeist and spent the first week of 2018 making Rubicon. Sam has released solo music for almost a decade and Rubicon represents the realisation of his goal to play drums and electronics concurrently, as a single instrument.”

Rubicon is entirely improvised with “all electronics mixed down and recorded as one stereo feed,” thus it’s quite performative, without post editing or enhancements.

It’s out Feb 1st on Ventor Records, a new Melbourne label releasing music for the rhythmically obsessed. You can find it here.


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