Listen to a new song from Cavern of Anti-Matter’s forthcoming album


Tim Gane’s (Stereolab) Cavern of Anti Matter are returning with third studio album on their own Duophonic label: ‘Hormone Lemonade.’ It is due out 23rd of March.

“The album’s genesis was in the self-constructed rhythm machines of band member Holger Zapf – the Taktron Z3 and Taktron Z2 – being recorded to tape during three one-hour sessions. These sessions also included the use of 70s Hohner and Eko drum machines. Holger played his parts in a free-form way and the BPM varied wildly, as it wasn’t possible to sync it to any outside controllers.”

They then added a bunch of synths, beats and vocals and then edited the pieces into song form.

You can pre order here.


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