Listen to ‘CTI: The Myth of the Smooth’ from Cyclic Editor Bob Baker Fish


Well mid year I fell into a hole called smooth jazz. For some reason it was all I could listen to. In particular the CTI label. Formed by Creed Taylor who had dinstinguished himself at Verve, Impulse and A&M, CTI was very much his baby, and from the lush glossy gatefold sleeves to the pop infused funky jazz smoothness inside – I was hooked. From Grover Washington Jr to Hubert Laws and Airto Moriera to Bob James these artists provided the kind of soothing swagger I clearly needed in this topsy turvy world. What I’ve collected here is what in my short journey I consider some of the most enjoyable I encountered. Some our outliers, and one offs, others were incredibly popular in their time, and the first track isn’t even CTI at all, it’s sacred flute music from Turkey, yet I was listening to it when this spontaneous mix began so I kept it in.

So please enjoy the funky smoothness, and don’t feel guilty. It’s meant to be a guilty pleasure, or perhaps a guilt free pleasure. Dunno. Merry Christmas.

Flutes Orientales sacrees Des Derviches Tourneurs – Tekbir
Deodato – Thus Sprach Zarathustra
Joe Farrell – Outback
George Benson – White Rabbit
Randy Weston – Night in the Medina
Bob James – Nautilus
Joe Farrell – Too High


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Bob is the features editor of Cyclic Defrost. He is also evil. You should not trust the opinions of evil people.