CID RIM – Material (LuckyMe)


A drummer of impressive abilities with a background in modern jazz, Viennese electronic producer CID RIM (real name Clemens Bacher) has spent the last several years amassing a reputation as a critical force in that city’s music scene alongside the likes of The Clonius and Dorian Concept, whilst also crafting remixes for Chvrches and Sky Ferreira. While he’s reasonably prolific, he’s only finally dropping his debut album ‘Material’ now on Hudson Mohawke’s LuckyMe label.

What’s particularly impressive about ‘Material’ is the way in which it’s seamlessly able to fuse together so many styles, ranging from jazz and hard bop elements through to glittering experimental / IDM electronics without ever losing sight of compelling grooves and melodies – indeed, there’s a surprising immediacy to the texturally complex arrangements here.

Bacher’s impressive drumming skills form the backbone of much of this collection, with the aptly-titled ‘Surge’ placing his tribal polyrhythms beneath a glittering web of spiralling arpeggiated synths and a propulsive swaggering bassline that sits at the midpoint between krautrock and dub. From there, ‘Zunder’ offers up a vivid explosion of jazzy electronics that sees a digitally reassembled live drums merging with sheeny synths and fractured electronics, the entire track building to a surging crescendo amidst free-jazz horns and fluid clavinet runs, only to suddenly break down into a mass of duelling snares.

If it’s easily one of the most headspinning maximalist moments here, elsewhere ‘Repeat’ sees Bacher setting the trajectory towards jittery electro-pop as Samantha Urbani’s vocals soar against clattering dubbed-out percussion fills and smeared out bass drops, and while it’s easily one of this album’s most immediate offerings, there’s a sense of underlying treacherousness to the constantly drifting rhythms and disorienting stereo panning effects that never stop moving throughout the mix.

It’s closing track ‘The Material’ though that arguably presents this album’s biggest headrush, as it weaves shimmering arpeggiated synths through a dense carpet of jittery trap beats and twinkling gamecore electronics, in a rhythmic workout that slots smoothly into LuckyMe’s established broken beat aesthetic. Both immediate and satisfyingly intricate, ‘Material’ sees CID RIM offering up a beats masterclass.


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