Listen to Parker’s cover of Arthur Russell’s ‘I Take This Time’


Parker is an Australian electronic alternative pop outfit fronted by vocalist and songwriter Tash Parker. It’s a collaboration between Tash and Brisbane based electronic producer/animator Hans Van Vliet. Parker has created a sonic world constructed from a rich palette of organic and electronic sounds. Field recordings of a suburban underpass become breathing synth lines. Cello sampled and chopped up become warm woody drum sounds.

Their cover of ‘I Take This Time’ by American composer and cellist Arthur Russell is the group’s first offering. Whilst paying homage to the seminal artist, Parker has created a dreamy synth pop sound all of her own. To accompany this release she collaborated with Melbourne based Fine Art photographer Glenn Wilkie on a replica of the iconic Arthur Russell Another Thought album artwork image by Jeanette Beckman, NY.

You can read our review of her Tash Parker’s last album here.

Written by Arthur Russell
Arranged and Produced by Tash Parker & Hans Van Vliet
Cello performed by Charlotte Jacke and engineered by Ben Edgar
Mixed and Mastered by Becki Whitton
Artwork by Glen Wilkie
(original photo composition by Janette Beckman)

Photo Credit – Wilk –

You can find more information here.


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