Watch a video for Tony Buck’s forthcoming solo album Unearth


Tony Buck – Unearth from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

Unearth is 50 minutes of dense, layered rhythmic intensity, scorched electronics, saturated guitar and found sound from Australian percussionist and multi instrumentalist Tony Buck. You might know Buck via his percussion in Australian improvising trio The Necks.

This is what Room40 has to say about it:

“Built across several years, the record is the culmination of his approaches to percussive intensive, pulse and explorations in compositional densi-ty. The architecture of this work is framed unsurprisingly around a core of percussion but also draws heavi-ly on Buck’s less known interests in guitar, synthesiser and field recordings. These elements coalesce, haunting one another in an evasive manner that is inexorable, creating a slow moving dialogue of ex-treme dynamic interchange.”

It’s due September 1 on Room40.


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